The CMC is always looking for interested members of the community to help the space continue to exist. A great way to support the CMC is to staff events or take care of our collection. If you are interested in volunteering don’t hesitate to come to a volunteer meeting every Thursday at 5:30pm. Please also feel free to contact one of the coordinators should you have any questions or aren’t free at that time.


Apart from regular shifts many of our volunteers organize themselves in committees that interest them. Each committee has a facilitator whom you can contact to get involved.


Facilitator: Robbie This group comes up with fun, unique and interesting ways to raise money for the CMC by utilizing all committee members talents, so that's why we need you. 


Facilitator: Gaby The Collections committee maintains our collection of books, magazines, zines, DVDs and more. They also work to improve our selection and presentation. This group often meets on Mondays at 5pm, though meeting times vary.  Call us or email the coordinators for meeting dates and times.


Facilitator: Emily The Zine Sub-committee maintains our collection of zines. They also work to improve our selection and presentation. This group meets every Wednesday from Noon to 2pm.  


Facilitator: Adam This group works towards improving the online resources available to our members and plans strategies to reach out to online communities, produce and post CMC content.