Volunteer with Us

The CMC is a volunteer-powered space. As a DIY venue, our volunteers create all that can be possible within our humble lil infoshop.

Interested in books, education, social justice, music, gardening, poetry, fundraising, computers, or zines? If so, we could use your help!

If you are interested in volunteering don’t hesitate to come to a volunteer meeting every Thursday at 5:30pm. Please also feel free to contact one of the coordinators should you have any questions or aren’t free at that time.



Becoming a CMC member is easy. Simply send us a minimum of $10 for an annual membership. The suggested donation is $10-50 sliding scale. Afterwards you will be able to check out books at the CMC, receive our quarterly newsletter Media Notes and help us keep the Civic Media Center running.


You can either send us a personal check made out to the Civic Media Center by mail (433 S. Main St. Gainesville, FL 32601), payments in cash are always welcome, as well.

You also have the option of becoming a member right away through Paypal: 


Friend Of The CMC

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The CMC survives on regular donations by its members, if you are able to contribute even a small amount each month, this makes it a lot easier for us to manage our budget and be an effective organization, even in the summer months, which otherwise are often a dry spell.

You can most easily became a Friend of the CMC by subscribing via Paypal. Contact us directly, if you would like to give in a different way.