Wish List

Donations help the Civic Media Center better serve the community. 

We have put together the following list of both general donation requests and a number of specific items that would be of great use. If you are interested in making a donation, please stop in at the CMC or call us at (352) 373-0010.

( * continuously in need of these things)



Money — It goes towards our rent and utilities (all contributions are tax-deductible)

New Volunteers  We always need volunteer help to keep our space going. Join us for our weekly volunteer meeting every Thursday at 5:30pm.

DVDs of activist interest — We always appreciate new additions to our video collection, especially of hard to find independent media productions and films of interest to activists.

Books — We appreciate donations of new and gently-used books of interest to the community. 

Office Supplies — The Civic Media Center can always use office supplies of all sorts, including things like envelopes, stamps, markers, poster board, canvas, pens and pencils, tape, paper, etc.

Sponsoring a month of rent or phone expensesRent and other overhead expenses are by far the biggest strain on the Civic Media Center’s budget. We would greatly appreciate donations toward covering these expenses.


  • paper towels *
  • toilet paper *
  • trash bags*
  • 8 oz - 12 oz paper cups for our free water *
  • video projector (for outside screenings)
  • digital camera and/or digital camcorder
  • silk screening and stenciling supplies



(You can help us renew a specific subscription or donate money to be put towards subscriptions to periodicals. Also, just calling the publisher to request a library copy for the library, if they provide them, would be amazing)
  • "Lies: A Journal of Material Feminism
  • "Adbusters"


(Click on the link to order through Wild Iris Books or other partners)



(Send us your zines! We want them all. Send to 433 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601)