Socialist Resistance to Trump hosted by S.A.L.T, DSA, and IWW 11/15

Published kaithleen - Tue, 11/21/2017 - 6:25pm

In the year since Trump’s election, his regime has rolled out a racist travel ban; unleashed ICE’s fury on immigrants; expelled trans people from the military; and left millions to languish in Puerto Rico. He has cheered murderous fascists and emboldened killer cops. And his allies in Congress and the courts have come after our healthcare; our reproductive and labor rights; our environmental protections; and the last shreds of our social safety net. 

In response of these crimes, we need a powerful resistance. Unfortunately, establishment Democrats have failed to show strength or creativity in the face of Trump’s assaults. Instead, they’ve lavished millions on uninspired special election candidates and pinned their hopes for restraining Trump on the most dangerous institutions in the arsenal of American imperialism: the FBI, the CIA, and the military brass. Worse yet, they’ve utterly failed to articulate a winning vision for life after Trump. 

In light of these failures of the Democratic Party, now represents the perfect time for a socialist resistance to take center stage. To support this vital effort, three of Gainesville’s leading socialist organizations -- Socialist Alternative, Democratic Socialists of America, and the Industrial Workers of the World -- will gather on November 15th to discuss their vision for a powerful, transformative resistance on the local, national, and international stage. More specifically, their conversation will focus on three subjects: what to do about the Democratic party; how to understand the relationship between capitalism and immigration; and how to define and combat the fascist forces Trump’s election helped embolden.