Community Event

Name or Title Terms Type Item Status
"Precious Knowledge" Arizona, civil rights, Community Event, Ethnic studies, Mexican American, Mexican culture, public opinion, Racism, Tucson Event
The Kairos Tour: Talk on Community Organizing in Today's Political Climate Community Event Event
GHS Roots and Shoots Open Mic Fundraiser Community Event Event
Workers' Memorial Day Community Event, Florida workers, Frank Little, Industrial Workers of the World, Labor, workers Event
WGOT 94.7 LPFM Public Informational Meeting Community Event Event
Essential Afrikan History Workshop #8 Community Event Event
Presentation on Water Quality Issues by Stephen Foster Neighborhood Association Community Event Event
Food Justice Panel Discussion and Potluck Community Event Event
CMC Co-sponsors Santa Fe College Screening of "Miss Representation" @ SFC Fine Arts Hall Community Event Event
Religion and Politics in America: An historical perspective by Reverend Donna Tara Lee Community Event Event
Alachua Transition Initiative Community Event Event
Biomass presentation and talk Community Event Event
Move to Amend Meeting Community Event, corporate personhood, Free Speech, grassroots democracy Event
Alachua Transition Initiative climate change, Community Event, fossil fuels, peak oil Event
Alachua Transition Initiative Community Event, current environmental issues, peak oil Event
Free University and OSAC "Vermicomposting Workshop" Community Event, compost, gardening, organic, worms Event
Shmanksgiving: A Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving Animal Rights, Community Event, dinner, fundraiser, Thanksgiving, vegan, vegetarian Event
Gainesville RNC Protest Planning Meeting Community Event Event
Gainesville RNC Protest Planning Meeting Community Event, RNC, Tampa Event
Coalition to End the Meal Limit NOW - Final Vote and Rally Community Event Event
Revolution is in the Air Community Event Event
Art Club! Community Event Event
May Day "The Real Labor Day" a Cookout and Celebration AFL-CIO, CLC, Community Event, ISO, IWW, Labor, labor party, May Day, Workers Rights Event
Cointelpro 101 Symposium Community Event Event
CMC and Citizens Co-op Present: "Fresh" Community Event Event
The Coalition to End the Meal Limit NOW Hosts: The “Oscars” at City Hall Community Event Event
Public Forum for Social Science Research with guest speaker Anthony Oliver-Smith, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Florida anarchademics, anthony oliver-smith, Anthropology, Community Event, grassroots resistance Event
Start the Bus! Rally at Santa Fe College bus, Community Event, santa fe college, students, transportation Event
Civil Indigent Community Event Event
Free University Presents: DIY Fest 2010 Community Event, d.i.y., dancing, DIY, fest, Music, skillshare, workshops Event
Women’s Liberation in Gainesville: Building on What’s Been Won by Knowing What’s Been Done Community Event, Feminism, Women's Liberation Event
Innocence and Capital Punishment: How Innocence Work is Changing Perspectives on the Death Penalty Community Event, conviction, death penalty, DNA, execution, exoneration, GCADP, inmates, innoncence, policies Event
Boon or Bust? Community Event Event
"From Gainesville with Love" Sister City Project for Aid to Jacmel, Haiti--Public Meeting aid, assistance, Community Event, earthquake, Gainesville, Haiti, Jacmel, sister city, solidarity Event
Haiti Disaster in Context: Political and Economic Realities Community Event, disaster, Economic, foreign policy, Haiti, historical, International relations, political Event
Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train civil rights, Community Event, historian, Howard Zinn, peace, people's history Event
Emmanuel Mennonite Church Vigil in Solidarity with Immigrant Families Community Event, fast, immigrants, immigration reform, vigil Event
Alachua Committee Against Brutality Presentation on Law Enforcement Abuse of Tasers Alachua Committee Against Brutality, Community Event, Gainesville Police Department, taser, Taser International Event
National Equality March - Report Back Community Event Event
Panama Trip Reportback by Bridges Across Borders BAB, BRIDGES, Bridges Across Borders, Colombia, Community Event, Darien, ecology, Human Rights, jungle, Pacific Ocean, Panama, solidarity, travel Event
"Sharability" Presentation alex goldman, alexevasion, Community Event, reduce waste, save money, sharability, sharing, social networking Event
MindFreedom Florida and the Gainesville Peer Advocacy Network Present: "Little Brother BIG PHARMA" advocacy, Community Event, Freedom, medication, mental health, pharmaceuticals, psychiatric drugs Event
Radical Rush Dinner and Social Community Event Event
Radical Rush Community Event Event
Radical Rush Community Event Event
Radical Rush Community Event Event
“E-SCRAP 101: Recycling Your Electronic Devices” Community Event Event
"Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation" Community Event, Special Event, Misc Event Event
The CMC Hosts Artwalk July 2009 Community Event, Special Event, Misc Event Event
Industrial Workers of the World Meeting Community Event, Misc Event Event
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