Radical Rush @ Santa Fe College

Published jojo - Wed, 09/04/2019 - 2:49pm

Radical Rush is an organizational fair to help introduce students to progressive, radical, and activist groups in Gainesville. The Rush is presented in the form of a collaborative tabling at the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. Come by to see what is happening in Gainesville and to get plugged in to activist groups!

      Radical: To get to the root of a problem

      Rush: To entertain bids for membership

Dress Code: Loud and Creative! Bring your banners, zines, posters, art, visuals and megaphones.

This year we'll be tabling for three days:

- Monday, September 23rd

      WHERE: Santa Fe, The Oak Grove

      WHEN: 11-2 PM

- Tuesday, September 24th

     WHERE: The University of Florida, Plaza of the Americas

     WHEN: 11-2 PM

- Wednesday, September 25th

     WHERE: The University of Florida, Plaza of the Americas

     WHEN: 11-2 PM

STAY TUNED for the RadRush Pamphlet with the organizations that will be tabling.

If you would like to volunteer or request your org to join please email coordinators@civicmediacenter.org.

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 11:00am
Santa Fe College
Free, donations appreciated