Cell 411

Published emily - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 3:45pm

On Wednesday, April 10th, there will be a workshop on the app Cell 411 at 6 PM.


Cell 411 is an alternative to traditional 911 services, such as police or ambulances, but it is so much more than that. Cell 411 allows you to alert your friends, family, or neighbors in the touch of a button if you find yourself in an emergency situation.


Cell 411 allows you to create custom cells or groups of your friends, neighbors or family members and alert them whenever you need help; they will receive your exact location with turn-by-turn directions to come and assist you. Whether you have a flat tire, you find yourself in danger or need medical assistance, you can leverage the power of large groups of trusted people to call for help and receive it. We even support public groups that allow entire cities, companies or neighborhoods to join and collaborate on solving emergencies in real time.


Cell 411 allows you to stream live video to all your trusted friends, and request help from only trusted people, or from “good samaritans.” You have the freedom to ask anyone for help, anywhere you go. With thousands of cells all over the world, communities, families and neighborhood watch groups have been using Cell 411 to keep criminals out, inform each other of emergencies and respond to each other’s needs. Cell 411 puts responsibility back into your hands, away from monopolistic organizations.


Cell 411 also provides a platform for truly peer-to-peer ridesharing, allowing you to alert your private or public cells that you need a ride. Unlike corporate models like Uber and Lyft, Cell 411 leaves payment up to the parties involved, allowing for use of cash, cryptocurrency, barter, and even gift economy models if the parties so choose.


Join us as we explore this app and its potential uses and how we can utilize it to make our community safer and foster a sense of mutual aid. We will discuss what it can do and how it works before creating our own private cells, so be sure your phone is fully charged and has enough space to run the app!


The app can be downloaded on their website at https://getcell411.com/

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 6:00pm
Free, donations appreciated