Self-Care Saturday: Sustaining Wellness Workshop

Published emily - Wed, 06/06/2018 - 3:14pm

On June 16th at 11am, following the community meditation that happens weekly, we're going to have Syraj of Your Authentic Self Work leading a Sustaining Wellness Workshop! We want to continue to provide for YOU, so come on out and tend to ya' self!

So, what is a "developmental meaning-making" workshop?

Developmental meaning-making is another way of saying, "making sense of the moment you find yourself in." Often the moments when we feel most off-balance are the critical moments...pain, loss or even having what you hold closest to your heart be challenged. In partnering with the Civic Media Center, we want to serve this growing community by providing a safe space for you to engage in self-reflection and work with others through the challenges you are facing... in community and through community. Let's come together to take an honest look at ourselves and claim the values we want to build forward on as a community. Let's connect with others on the same path...others we can build a community of practice with...others that we can co-create gain new perspective on this moment in our shared story. This will be about our lived experience as it intersects with the lived experiences of others. We will find shared meaning across those experiences and learn how we can manifest that meaning in our community. We will work together to find a path toward self-authorship and build the customized tools that can help sustain this work of engaging social injustice...that we can face together...and change together as a community.

Syraj Syed, PhD, MAMC is a Narrative Education Specialist with Your Authentic Self Work. By empowering people to approach their own narratives through self-inquiry and reflexivity, they are equipped to rewrite their narratives toward an intentional, chosen life that is authentically theirs. Syraj utilizes narrative methods for developmental meaning-making and sustaining wellness to empower individuals and organizations toward conscious growth based on their own narrative insights. Syraj trained in the fields of communications, education and behavioral health only to find his greatest fulfillment in working with people to re-author their life stories. He has found that whole-person healing occurs best when individuals can move forward with the empowerment that comes with authoring one's own narrative.

Sat, 06/16/2018 - 11:00am
Free, donations appreciated