Mass Civil Disobedience to Stop the Suwannee River Crossing

Published makedameeks - Fri, 01/06/2017 - 9:42pm

Join us in putting a wrench into the gears of the pipeline machine. This will be a mass sit-in to stop the Sabal Trail fracked gas pipeline construction from drilling under the Suwannee River near Live Oak, FL.


Friday, Jan 13th, 4 - 6pm, we will hold a direct action and know your rights training for all participants, not just people risking arrest, at Water is Life Camp. For location see: (Please do not bring dogs.)

Saturday, Jan 14th, 11am, we will gather at the Suwannee River State Park parking lot. Please plan to carpool as there is a $5 fee per car to park here. We will march on the drill site at 1pm sharp.

Sunday, Jan 15th, 8am till release, solidarity rally at jail and/or courthouse which may be holding water protectors. [Locations TBA]

Additional Details:

There are several options for camping in the area, including two free encampments and additional public and private campgrounds in the area.

Not everyone who attends needs to risk arrest, but we ask all to consider their role in making this a successful event. It will be a "power in numbers" moment.

There will be clear zones for higher risk and lower risk participants.

We will plan to avoid the risk of felony charges for the mass action, and anticipate any arrested will be released by the following morning. If you plan to participate in civil disobedience, please consider having funds available for bail/bond (or having your network assist in fundraising.)

If arrests occur, we believe that a "necessity defense" exists, which explains that "the degree of harm actually caused [will be] a reasonably proportionate response to the degree of harm threatened."

This legal defense strategy explains that laws can and should be broken when there is a real, imminent risk occurring... For example, peircing an aquifer that millions rely on for drinking water to transport a hazardous substance for private profit.

We encourage all who participate to request a public defender, retain their right to speedy trial and demand a trial by jury to present their defense. 

More details on Sabal Trail Resistance can be found here:

Note: This is one action in a series of many to occur before and after. This one action is aimed at building broader support and creating a higher level of pressure on the system to stop this pipeline. If you can only make it out for one weekend this month, make it this one.


(This list is a work in progress. Please contact us if you organization would like to be listed here.)

Florida Environmental Coalition

Our Santa Fe River, Inc.

Eternal Springs Earth First!

Florida Peace Action Network

SWFL Clean Water Movement

Greenpeace (USA)

Rising Tide North America

Captains for Clean Water

Occupy Gainesville

Civic Media Center

Save Our Creeks

Everglades Clean-Up Coalition

Love the Everglades

Stone Crab Alliance

Palm Beach County Environmental Coalition

Happehatchee Center

Everglades Earth First!

Global Justice Ecology Project

Food Not Bombs

KY Student Environmental Action Coalition

Alachua County Green Party

Green Party of Florida

Gainesville Quakers Peace and Social Concerns Committee

Palm Beach Friends Meeting (Quakers)

Dunnellon Needs To Know

Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons

Peace Justice Sustainability Florida (South Florida)

Florida and Georgia Veterans Standing for America

Into the Heart

More TBA

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 11:00am
Free, donations appreciated