Yoga for "Others": A Movement Class

Published Christine Pierre-Lys - Wed, 03/16/2016 - 5:21pm

Welcome to Yoga for "Others"!

This gathering is hosted by Shoog, Veronica, and Sophia, and is intended people who are interested in doing gentle movement but are not comfortable (or safe) in typical yoga/movement classes. 

Others: Fat, queer, disabled, transgender, poor and broke, BIPOC, older, and otherwise marginalized in fitness and movement classes. 

To this extent, we will try to make this class as accessible as possible with the following:

*Armless chairs
*Sliding scale $5-$10
*No negative body talk, this includes weight loss/diet talk
*Modifications from our instructor, Veronica Robleto
*People who participate in oppressive speech/comments, will be asked to leave
*Patience with one another
*Gentle and slow movement

Note about cost: We realize that even a sliding scale will be cost prohibitive for some people, and for that we apologize. It is also important to pay people for their labor. If you are able to pay more to cover a friend, please consider this act of generosity.

About Veronica: Veronica is a queer light skinned Latinx yoga instructor who feels strongly that yoga should be as accessible as possible. While Veronica is able bodied and thin, she understands the way that movement is often not afforded to people unlike her. Through Veronica's work with disabled people with mobility issues, Veronica has become passionate about making modifications so that all can enjoy the benefits of moving their bodies. 

Things to know and bring to the first day of class:
* a water bottle
*a yoga mat or thick towel
*wear comfortable (loose or stretchy) clothing
*patience for yourself and others
*loving kindness
*self care is necessary- if caring for yourself means leaving at any point, or moving at your own pace, that is completely fine

While the class will start at 10 AM, we are asking that people come 10 minutes early to get grounded, and go through house guidelines, so we will be ready to move right at 10AM.**

$5 - $10 Sliding Scale
Sun, 04/03/2016 - 10:00am
$5 - $10 Sliding Scale