"Color Stories: Black Women and Colorism in the 21st Century" A Talk and Book Signing with Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder

Published Christine Pierre-Lys - Mon, 03/28/2016 - 8:14pm


The Civic Media Center proudly presents a talk, discussion and book signing with Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder, a sociologist and scholar specializing in diversity, race relations and gender issues. In 2008 she received a doctorate in sociology and a PhD concentration in Women's Studies and Gender Research. Currently Dr. Wilder serves as an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of North Florida(UNF) in Jacksonville, Florida. Her recent book Color Stories: Black Women and Colorism in the 21st Century has been met with critical acclaim. 

For over two decades Dr. Wilder has been a pivotal and strong voice in the movement against racism and her research has uplifted black voices and stories of those harmed by our racist society. In December of last year, she joined other University professors across the country in penning a open love letter to black students which resounded with the message – we see you, we love you.  Along with writing, researching, and lecturing on the contemporary experience of black Americans and other racial/ethnic minorities, she is the Founding Director of the Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnic Relations at UNF.  

Part cultural commentary, part empirical analysis, Color Stories offers a compelling study and discussion of colorism—a widely discussed but understudied issue in "post-racial" America—that demonstrates how powerful a factor skin color remains in the everyday lives of young black women. Author JeffriAnne Wilder conducted interviews with dozens of young black women about the role of colorism in their everyday lives. Collectively, these findings offer a compelling empirical and theoretical analysis of colorism in key areas of 21st-century life, including within family and school settings, in the media, and in intimate relationships.

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