Black & Pink Letter Writing Session + Potluck

Published Kayla Coleman - Sat, 03/12/2016 - 9:48pm
upside down pink triangle with a fist rising from the middle

Hosted By Trans Affairs of Gainesville.

“Black & Pink is an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and ‘free world’ allies who support each other. Our work toward the abolition of the prison industrial complex is rooted in the experience of currently and formerly incarcerated people. We are outraged by the specific violence of the prison industrial complex against LGBTQ people, and respond through advocacy, education, direct service, and organizing.”

The letter writing session is from 2 to 4 pm intended to provide means of solidarity and support for LGBTQ folk who are incarcerated in the prison industrial complex as well as a potluck at the Civic Media Center.

Black and Pink provides a data base of LGBTQ+ imprisoned peoples who are adversely effected by the criminal injustice system who have an interest in communicating with others as pen pals.

Supplies for letter writing will be provided. You can read the guidelines for writing to a pen pal here prior: , though printouts will be available at the CMC.

Hope to see you there!

Sat, 03/19/2016 - 3:00pm