Calais Migrant Solidarity Infoshare

Published Christine Pierre-Lys - Sat, 10/24/2015 - 2:23pm

This evening will host a discussion on border regimes and how resistance is being built to them, both internationally and right here in town.

Borders are a cruel fiction. They are designed and enforced for the rich to continue to cling to their stolen wealth. They rob people of dignity and expose them to exploitation and violation in order to move or stay where they choose. Their enforcement rips communities apart and murders people. They are a mechanism of divide and rule serving misery and death, not the people.

In recent years there has been an increase in the militarization of borders throughout the world, and while governments and contractors capitalize on the increased securitization, the human cost in terms of lives lost and blood shed has never been higher. However, at the same time there are groups of people coming together across very diverse experiences and personal situations to build communities of resistance to the expansion of the global border regime. Tonight we will be sharing those experiences and hopefully strengthening those communities.

There will be personal contributions from those involved in the CHISPAS group organizing at UF and from those who have been working over the past years at Europe's borders, mainly in Calais, France, in solidarity with the people migrating there. The hope will be to see what parallels can be drawn between what is happening now in Europe and the US, and to see how we can build stronger global solidarity networks as well as develop better structures to practically support those already subverting the US border regime here in Florida.

We welcome all to come and share, and there will be space for plenty of discussion.


Calais Migrant Solidarity is an international network of autonomous
people involved in practical solidarity work with the migrating
communities of Calais. Present since 2009, the group has been busy with
monitoring police activity, squatting, supporting migrant's political
protests as well as making solidarity actions, sharing food, clothing,
water, blankets, and tents, doing outreach to publicize the situation in
Calais, and provide migrants with asylum and immigration information for
the UK and other European countries. These activities are done with the
intention of increasing the autonomy of the migrating communities and we
do not position ourselves as a charity or humanitarian organization in
the city. The group has a No Borders position and many of those involved
are or have been busy with other struggles of migrating people in other
parts of the world. We work to undermine the European border regime and
strengthen the resistance to it.

Cosponsored by CHISPAS

$3-5 Suggested Dontation
Wed, 10/28/2015 - 6:00pm
$3-5 Suggested Dontation