Published kenziecooke - Tue, 02/17/2015 - 4:00pm
The Civic Media Center welcomes artists Josh Dease, Tony Wylan, Darlene Muto and Robin Jade for this month's Artwalk.
Spectrum-  A Night of Artistic Variety

Josh Dease-

I have been drawing since I first picked up a plastic sword and screamed “Thundercats Ho!” I spent most of my childhood, awkward teenage years, and high school days wanting to draw comics. I drew in class, at lunch, on the bus, at home, wherever and whenever. I carried my work around in a little portfolio (before I knew the proper name for it) hoping someone would want to see the weirdo wizards, ninjas, creatures, and action heroes I had sketched out. This was my life’s ambition until I turned 18, became a Christian, and wanted to become a minister. I had this entirely boxed in view of what being a pastor meant, and I left drawing by the wayside.

Wanting nothing more than to draw comics during high school left me with a very unimpressive GPA, so I was unable to attend a Bible college due to lack of scholarships. Instead, I studied Religion at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida. I loved this experience, the people and professors I was able to be around, and the stories and histories studied. My view of faith was expanded greatly and I realized that comics and art are a great medium to communicate with. “We Dream in Ink” started as rough sketches in my notepad that I carried around while being a case manager for three years. Then I would take a pen and Bristol board and just sit down and let my imagination flow unfiltered. There are no hidden meanings or messages that I am aware of. I was just overcome with a desire to draw and have fun.


Darlene Muto-
Darlene Muto, of Muto Art, was born in Tucson, Arizona on December 16, 1979.
With a family comprised of artists and musicians, my creativity was nurtured allowing me to be the person I am today. Pursuing a career in the fine arts, I have found innovative ways of moving forward. For example, I completed a daily painting blog study and journal entries on my personal struggles that arise in the process of moving forward. The blog study ended on the 100th day, February 9, 2015.  A new 100 day daily painting and journal entries will be starting February 15, 2015. My website has the link to the blog With the blog, I hope to not only move past my fears and setbacks, but also clear a way for other artists in similar difficult situations.

I enjoy creating in many mediums, including photography, drawing with graphite, soft pastels, charcoal, watercolor pencils, with my primary focus being on paintings using oil and acrylic. Completing daily paintings further my artwork career, overcome obstacles and improve my skill. How I use color, style, medium and subject matter directly relates to each adverse mood.  I believe colour directly affects moods and/or triggers certain emotions and memories. My work is fueled by curiosity, fears, love and determination. Through painting, I come to the answers and reasonings that I long for and smear these renditions on canvas.  My art is the eclectic representation of the hope I seek in my daily life.

Robin Jade-
I grew up in Colorado, lived in New York City and have lived in Gainesville for 15 years, while working at the University of Florida. I'm a single parent of two terrific boys and one wonderful boxer puppy. 

As an artist, I'm very aware of the minute details everyday glances present.  My work is focused on bringing an emotional response forth in the angels I choose or my use of vibrant colors.  I'm self-taught with my photography, but have a strong background derived from working as a photo editor in New York.  I'm completely captured by the natural world and love to explore unusual patterns and shapes within nature. I like to think of my flower images as deconstructed Georgia O'Keeffe... In addition I've traveled extensively throughout Europe and became fascinated with architecture which shows up throughout my work in unusual angels. I enjoy capturing the beautiful interplay of light on my images through color manipulation and cropping. I hope to bring each viewer a little piece of heaven on earth through the visual joy of my images. 

Free, donations appreciated
Fri, 02/27/2015 - 7:00pm
Free, donations appreciated