Climate Action Meeting

Published Robbie - Tue, 01/21/2014 - 5:44pm

Tonight at 7 pm – Climate Action Event at The Civic Media Center – You are Invited!

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It's Time for ACTION on Climate Change

Weds, January 22 - 7:00 pm

Learn about a Powerful Solution for  . . .

  • Stopping the Keystone XL Pipeline 
  • Stop Mountain Top Removal and
  • Effectively Addressing Climate Change!


While individual and local efforts to keep a low carbon footprint are important, only systemic changes in our economy will effectively end the climate disruption that is already being seen all over the planet.

“Incremental” approaches  . . .

will only create increasingly wide-spread climate injustice where countries, communities, and individuals will face economic hardship, dislocation and dramatic health impacts.

Among the travesties that are being pushed by the fossil fuel industry are the Keystone XL pipeline and continued mountain-top coal removal.

If we continue to fight these issues one-by-one, we will be basically playing "Wack - A - Mole" -- (as soon as you succeed in defeating one travesty, yet another one pops up, dissipating our energy and our chances at an overall solution.)

Economists are now coming to a consensus that a steadily increasing national tax on the production of coal, oil and natural gas (known as a Carbon Tax) will be the only effective means of significantly reducing dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and effectively reestablishing stability for our climate.

Specifically, the best form of a carbon tax is where 100% of the proceeds are divided among American households, providing equitable access to clean energy for people of ALL income levels.

This “dividend” will give all people the ability to make a transition to purchasing goods and services that originated from clean, renewable energy.

And, it will stimulate the development of a clean energy economy on a nation-wide basis.

Fossil Fuels will become increasingly expensive, making coal production no longer profitable AND the production of oil -- especially tar sands oil -- will also be unmarketable due to being economically uncompetitive.

Furthermore, a positive impact will result worldwide if a tariff is included in the legislation -- i.e., that there be a surcharge on imports coming from countries that do not yet have a similar pricing system for carbon pollution.

Such a tariff will motivate countries around the world to put a price on their own carbon emissions in order to avoid a U.S. surcharge on their exports.

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Current Developments:

The EPA has just published new regulations mandating that existing electric power plants significantly limit their carbon dioxide pollution.

Each state will be allowed to determine how the electric power plants will bring about this reduction. 

One of the options is for states to enact a state-wide carbon tax

As the success of carbon taxes on a state level is seen, there will be increasing demand for Congress to pass a carbon tax on a national level.

Scientists around the world are forecasting increasingly dire impacts if greenhouse gas emissions continue on their current trajectory, or if they are only slightly reduced.

It is therefore up to US to rally as concerned citizens to demand that appropriate emissions reductions happen immediately.

--> Join us Tonight at 7:00 p.m.! <--

to learn more about why enacting a carbon tax is so important and to find out how you can participate in the national mobilization for climate justice through the creation of a Clean Energy Economy.

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Free, donations appreciated