Other Voices Fall Equinox Show

Published Robbie - Sat, 09/21/2013 - 11:58am

Other Voices

Equinox party
Make believe that it’s that special day of the year
 When everything is straight up. 
An event that can’t be tampered with by bureaucrats.
A planet stronger than any political party or human endeavor.
Open the door to the upcoming cool breezes of fall and winter.
Enjoy the hopeful sounds of original acoustic rock.
A time for sweet harmony.
Peace, love and understanding.
Your fantasy will come true
At the Civic Media Center
Saturday, September 21st 
8:00 pm
$5-15 sliding scale

Other Voices brings a fun mix of upbeat songs that utilize strong three and four-part harmonies soaring above lively and precise guitar work and a solid bass bottom. The four musicians, Michelle Ott, Dan Tampas, Fagan Arouh and Alan Hill turn in consistently perfect performances for concerts, festivals and benefits. Their CD's show a wide range of sensibilities and a command of the idiom of the popular song. No one leaves an Other Voices concert unimpressed.

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 8:00pm
$5-15 sliding scale donations