"Coming off Psych Drugs" and Music with Daniel Mackler

Published Robbie - Fri, 09/13/2013 - 6:33pm
Daniel Mackler is a New York City based filmmaker, writer, musician and former psychotherapist.
"Coming Off Psych Drugs"
In June of 2012, twenty-three people came together to discuss the subject of coming off psychiatric drugs. We were psychiatric survivors, therapists, mental health consumers, family members, and activists, united by a passion for truth-telling. More than half of us had successfully come off psych drugs, including cocktails of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. What resulted from our three-day gathering was an unforgettable meeting of the minds.
This 75-minute documentary (directed by Daniel Mackler) offers a rare glimpse into the world of coming off psych drugs through the eyes of those who have done it. The film presents, among others, Will Hall, author of the world-renowned “Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs,” Oryx Cohen, director at the National Empowerment Center, Laura Delano, blogger at www.madinamerica.com, and Daniel Hazen, noted psychiatric survivor and human rights activist.
Although this documentary is not medical advice, it intends to offer something even better:  hope. In a world where increasing numbers of people are put on psychiatric drugs every day, where more than 20 percent of Americans already take them, and where so many are told they need to stay on them for life, COMING OFF PSYCH DRUGS offers proof that another way is possible.
& The Music
Daniel has recorded 4 CDs, Prophet for a Dying Planet, Lullabys for the Inner Journey, Holy Man Blues, and the popular Songs from the Locked Ward.
Prophet for a Dying Planet
Prophet for a Dying Planet, released January, 2009, is a album of psychological protest music—against abusive families, inappropriate parenting, and the destruction of our planet.  These 22 songs, each focusing on the struggle to become real, are musical versions of this website’s message.  Many of these songs are directly autobiographical as well.
Lullabies for the Inner Journey

Lullabies for the Inner Journey, released January, 2009, is an album to inspire the inner journey toward emotional healing—and protest the stagnation of the norm.  These 22 songs promote healing, courage, honesty, and adventure on life’s path.

Holy Man Blues

Holy Man Blues, released August, 2009, is fierce, blunt, unadulterated psychological protest music—primarily against the evils of the family system.  These 22 songs are autobiographical, yet emotionally universal.  They address the struggle to become real, at whatever the cost.

Songs from the Locked Ward

Songs from the Locked Ward, released October, 2009, is an album of protest music against the horrors and abuses of psychiatry. My inspiration for these 19 songs comes from ten years of work as a therapist in New York City—listening to clients tell their tales.  Although not everyone gets ravaged by psychiatry, so many do…  I wrote all but two of these songs in a wild week of passion!


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