Art History and Sustainable Art Lecture

Published Robbie - Thu, 09/05/2013 - 4:57pm

Deepwell Studios & Public Works and the Civic Media Center present:

Art History and Sustainable Art

A lecture series by Turbado Marabou,

M.F.A., Printmaker, Painter, Instructor, Cultural Arts Advocate

Followed by Q and A and Interview by Kali Blount

Art is a reflection of the human condition. It mirrors, defines and interprets ones culture, daily life and spirituality. This is the premise upon which my works and life are based. The images and concepts I draw from are wells full of rich cultural heritage and social values. Our Ancestors teach us that the beauty of life is working in tandem with the grand plan of creation. The courage of an Artist is being able to capture these aspects in their work in order to retain that which is meaningful to us as human beings, thus I contend Art is For Life’s Sake.” Turbado Marabou

Turbado is a professional artist with over twenty years experience in the field. He is a muralist, printmaker and instructor. His public works murals have been featured in Chicago IL and in his home town, Gainesville, FL. His commitment to “sustainable art” can be seen in everything from his mobile mural featured at Howard University, to the tour bus for the Chicago Park District and the “Praise Shakers” (aka Ashere) used in Sunday morning church services and religious ceremonies.

His most recent ventures include: an Exhibition for the Shands Hospital Black History month celebration, “In a Southern Garden” at the Thomas Center, The 5th Avenue Paint-Out, and Turbado was one of the Doris Six - the founding artists in residence at the Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center. During his time at the Doris, Turbado created a print shop, taught drawing classes and conducted a printmaking workshop. He also curated a debut exhibition for the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce featuring local artists.

Turbado currently resides in Gainesville's historic Pleasant Street District where he grew up and is a part of an ongoing effort to revitalize the area through economic redevelopment and of course artistic expression.


Fri, 09/06/2013 - 7:00pm
Free, donations appreciated