The Kickstand Bike-In Movie: "Breaking Away"

Published mpadron87 - Fri, 01/18/2013 - 4:04pm

The Kickstand is rollin out their 2013 events! Kicking off the season will be a Bike-In Movie screening of "Breaking Away" in The Courtyard behind the Civic Media Center. To open the event we will also be showing the short film "Three Legged Horses"

"Breaking Away"
After graduating from high school, Dave Stohler (Dennis Christopher) dreams of becoming a champion bicyclist. Posing as an exchange student to mask his working-class roots, he frustrates his parents (Paul Dooley and Barbara Barrie) and charms a local college girl (Robyn Douglass). Peter Yates's Oscar-winning coming-of-age drama culminates when Dave gets a chance to leave his past behind and race against the Italian riders he worships.

THREE-LEGGED HORSES follows a lonely rickshaw driver during his last night of work in Edinburgh. The long nights, the hills, the cobblestones, the customers, the randomness of each night have put a strain on his knees and sanity.

He soon finds himself on his worst night ever, his rickshaw nearly stolen, his earnings all gone and pain constantly shooting through his knees. As the night threatens to end with nothing to show for, he reluctantly agrees to go on his most gruelling ride yet, up to the Edinburgh Castle, an unrelenting pointless lift.

Trailer for Three Legged Horses:

Sun, 01/27/2013 - 6:40pm
The Courtyard
$5 Donation