"Lives of Gaza Under the Siege"

Published Robbie - Wed, 12/05/2012 - 2:56pm

The CMC presents “Lives of Gaza Under the Siege,” a presentation and film screening by Abed, a local displaced Palestinian activist on Thursday, December 6th at 6pm.

In 2006, a democratically elected government was not welcomed by Israel nor the USA, then democracy is what they want not what the people choose. In June 2007, Hamas "the elected party" felt it was being cheated on by Fatah "Palestinian political party" by cooperating with Israel and the US to take the government back from an elected government, Hamas took a forward shocking step by taking over the Gaza strip by means of force..since then the Gaza strip is under siege. It is one of the most aggressive and inhuman actions to be taken for the favor of politics against the most densely populated areas in the world...welcome to the besieged Gaza strip.

In this event, we will show a number of short films, these films will cover sides of childhood life in Gaza, fishing/agriculture life, electricity crisis, and the last war attack that took place November 2012.

Before the films show, a presentation will be given by Abed, a Palestinian who grew up in Gaza, and has not been allowed back since 2000, for no reason but being a Palestinian.

An open discussion will follow the films.

Thu, 12/06/2012 - 7:00pm
Free, donations appreciated