Live Acoustic/Folk Music w/ Lars Din and Ryan Harvey

Published Jimmy - Tue, 06/14/2011 - 8:47pm


The Civic Media Center will present a night of live acoustic music on Wednesday, June 15th beginning at 10pm. The show will feature touring artist Ryan Harvey and Gainesville local Lars Din. Lars Din is Gainesville's radical troubadour, a lifelong activist folk singer/songwriter with a unique sound and approach to songwriting that merges political, cultural, and deeply personal, emotional
symbolism into delicately constructed tunes with poetic lyrics.

Ryan Harvey is a member of RiotFolk Collective, an alliance of artist/activists who have committed to using their art as a tool for revolution. Here is a quote from his personal statement on the RiotFolk website:

"Sometime around when Bush got appointed the first time I started playing guitar and singing songs. Actually, I believe it was right after I first heard the early recordings of Phil Ochs. I still consider the Baltimore-area my home but I travel on occasion and live in other areas at times.

I got into writing music and lyrics through punk bands like Rancid, Crass, Operation Ivy, Conflict, Aus-Rotten along with local bands like Chaotix and A//Political. After hearing radical folk music via Phil Ochs I realized how good an avenue it is for social change. Punk bands have a history of socially active songs and messages and I wanted to relate that anger and urgency through the easy medium of the acoustic guitar...

I consider my music and songs as much a part of my activism as I do an event I would help put together. I'm not really interested in opening my soul to the masses or putting my emotions out on the line. I also never developed the type of writing style where I could open up as to better understand my romantic emotions. I'm not at all opposed to emotional music but there is a fine line between emotional seriousness and self-indulgence. I think a good song-writer who combines politics and very personal stories and reflections together in a way that people can relate to, find beauty in, and gain inspiration can really help you deal with hard times and stay grounded emotionally." To learn more about Ryand the RiotFolk Collective, click here:

Wed, 06/15/2011 - 10:00pm
Free, donations appreciated