World-Class Traditional Folk Music w/ Staber and Chasnoff

Published Jimmy - Tue, 03/15/2011 - 8:47am


Dick Staber (vocal, mandolin) and Judith Chasnoff (vocal, guitar) have been performing their unique brand of folk and bluegrass-based acoustic music since 1993. 

Judith began playing guitar as a teenager during the folk boom era. She studied voice at the High School of Music and Art in New York City. Dick took up the mandolin in 1964. He has played with Del McCoury ('69-75), Don Stover (77-78) and Bob Paisley ('79-81). His credits include contributions on numerous albums and he has released 3 albums of his own. He has toured internationally with the Paisleys, with his band Yonder City, and solo.

Staber and Chasnoff have released 3 self-produced albums: FREE TO DREAM (1998), JUST THE TWO OF US (2002), and ONE MORE JOURNEY (2005). All three contain a generous mix of original and traditional songs and tunes, as well as a few carefully selected covers.

Even in their original numbers, Staber and Chasnoff maintain a pure, traditional sound--a sound reminiscent of the "brother" duets of the 1930's, particularly the Monroe brothers. In their evocative and focused performances they bring the material to life through pristine harmonies and expressive mandolin breaks, well-grounded in solid rhythm

Staber and Chasnoff have toured Europe twice, and were proud to represent the USA at the 2004 European World of Bluegrass festivals and concerts.

Sat, 03/26/2011 - 8:00pm
$10 donation requested @ door