Music w/ Lobo Marino, Prodigal Sun, and Jacqueline Garratt

Published Jimmy - Mon, 02/21/2011 - 3:23pm

"Lobo Marino," meaning "Sea Wolf" in Spanish, is what we call in English "Sea Lion." The name came out of a year and a half long adventure through South America taken by two members of the band, Jameson Price and Laney Sullivan. When Price and Sullivan returned from South America they asked friend Nathaniel Roseberry to join them on trumpet, marching drum, and banjo. As a trio they blend many types of musical backgrounds and influences and create a rather extreme form of acoustic folk. They recorded "Keep Your Head Up" in June 2010, as a musical documentation of their trip abroad.

After touring for weeks and getting seasonal jobs, Lobo Marino returned to the studio just six months later to record “The Reincarnation EP,” which came out on 7” Vinyl in February 2011. With their new album thematically touching on running away from home, they hit the road for a multi-month tour across the US. Lobo Marino continues to tour and is currently working on writing their third album.

Prodigal Sun describe their sound as "indie jazz punk."

Jacqueline Garratt is a singer/songwriter who plays keyboards and sings her own original songs in a unique and beautiful voice. She caused quite a stir of excitement among the audience at the Civic Media Center's Thursday Night Poetry Jam recently with her lyrics, original composition, and vocal delivery. She is new to the Gainesville music scene, but is definitely an up-and-coming performer to be watched. This gig will be her debut performance as a featured artist at a show in Gainesville.

Sat, 02/26/2011 - 9:00pm
$5 donation @ door