Music w/ Joe Willis, Martha Stewart Time Travel and Big Bison

Published Jimmy - Mon, 11/22/2010 - 7:12pm


This show will follow immediately on the heels of the annual Holiday Artwalk, for which the CMC will also be a venue, and will feature musical projects centered around the songwriting and musical abilities of local indie phenomenon James Wesson. With his Pre-Raphaelite hair and daunting physique, James Wesson strikes an impressive figure at local open mics, performing in styles ranging from spoken word to performance art to an electronically-mediated take on the coffeehouse "singer-songwriter" mode.  This show represents a full coming-out for some of his collaborative projects with other musicians in the community.


Local singer/songwriter Joe Willis will play a short set of original tunes to open the show, accompanied Mr.Wesson.


Martha Stewart Time Travel: Founded in July of 2010, Martha Stewart Time Travel rocks like no other. From post-impressionism to post-hardcore, Joe Sabataso, James Wesson, and Maurice White redefine the power trio, with an adept blend of vocal and instrumental pieces. With a repertoire that ranges from thoughtfully composed to free and spontaneous, they display the beauty of noise, and the power of sensitivity. Always dynamic and always engaging, Martha Stewart Time Travel might best be described as "a good thing."

Big Bison: The brainchild of local post-karaoke artist James Wesson, Big Bison is the result of his desire to have his songs "performed by an actual band." With an emphasis on material written for rock band, Big Bison's repertoire covers diverse ground, ranging from Post-Punk to Indie Pop to Blues. Accompanied by a rotating cast of Gainesville's finest, to include Bill McCrea, Kevin Bailey, and Maurice White, Big Bison promises to bring the James Wesson experience to you in a way that doesn't rely on a $200 computer.


Fri, 12/03/2010 - 10:00pm
Free, donations appreciated