Published Jimmy - Mon, 11/22/2010 - 7:47pm

The CMC's Holiday Artwalk lineup features work by Andy Krone, Frog, James Wesson, Chrysanna Leyton, Michael J. Garvin, and Kylie Jo Winkles.  Ambient music will provided in the main room beginning at around 9:30pm by exhibitor and multi-instrumental musician James Wesson as a lead-in to his post-Artwalk music show.  Read on below for more details on the artists and their work.

Artist Statment: Andy Krone
For this artwalk, I have provided collages, focused on color theory, ready to hang, and priced very low ($5) to fit any holiday budget.

Artist Statement: Frog
Frog will be sharing video of sun reflections off the ocean from the pier in St. Augustine, projected onto a wall in the CMC's back courtyard. 20 minutes worth. Live musicians TBA.

Artist Statement: James Wesson
Not content merely to display numerous "Strange Beasts" on the walls of the CMC, (a mélange of vernacular art that blurs the line between natural and imaginary) James will play a set of ambient and chill music starting at 9:30pm, gently ushering in a night of Bacchanalian musical revelry that will follow immediately after Artwalk. Witness the post-hardcore rock, pop and blues of Joe Willis, Martha Stewart Time Travel and Big Bison beginning at 10pm.

Artist Statement: Chrysanna Leyton
I work in a variety of mediums and enjoy exploring new techniques and experimenting with random objects as materials for making art come to life. All work is available for purchase and customized prints are available in various size, material, and framing options. Mural Prints are an interesting option. Abstract, surreal, different, dark, colorful, and psychedelic are all words that have been used to relate to my unusual style of art.

Artist Statement: Michael J. Garvin
Ancillary Visions: A Revelation of Fathomless Superficiality. Recreational Ascetic Michael J. Garvin's much awaited tour de force of utterly meaningless imagery inspired by the occult intimations of Dust Bunnies and Laundry Lint. The colorful yieldings of an unusually Potent Imagination or the effortless chicaneries  of a Jaded Nihilist? Let the Viewer decide.

Artist Statement: Kylie Jo Winkles
Mystic, nonconformist, and artist. Fascinated by the incessant transmutations of  life, Kylie realized at an early age both the illusory nature of change and the existence of a hidden eternal principle.   Her paintings and sculptures pulsate with an uncanny vigor, and are intimate probings that blur distinctions to unearth the common, eternal essence of all things .


Musician: James Wesson
Performing what he has come to describe as post-karaoke, James Wesson brings an eclectic mix of styles to the stage.  Influenced by everything from the Smiths to the guy on the riding lawnmower just outside the window, James delivers an energetic assortment of Synthpop, Indie Rock, and Noise Pop.  Accompanied by his netbook computer, with lyrics spanning the distance between poignant and absurd, James sings in a broad range of vocal styles.  He finds the musicality in everyday objects, and also plays more conventional instruments.  With an unmatched stage presence and a natural affinity for creative improvisation, every show is unique.

Free, donations appreciated
Fri, 12/03/2010 - 8:00pm
Free, donations appreciated