Free University Presents: DIY Fest 2010

Published Jimmy - Thu, 09/09/2010 - 11:23am

DIY Fest, September 25 & 26, is a free weekend-long celebration of alternative education. Sponsored by Free University Gainesville at the Civic Media Center at 433 S. Main Street, it includes two days of workshops and skill-shares, and two nights of bands, dancing, and a talent show. Food Not Bombs will be providing a free meal both days at the Citizens' Co-op next door. In the same building, the PLUS Gallery will be the site of kids' space. Evening performances to take place across 5th Ave at the Church of Holy Colors.

1pm-Know Your Rights!
2pm-Learn to Make a Healing Herbal Syrup
3pm-WILD Fermentation
3pm-Happy Food: Foods that raise your mood and nurture sound mental health
4pm-Mutual Aid/Disaster Response
4pm-Edible Weed Walk
5pm-Open Source Software/digital Freedom
5pm-Make Your Own Genitalia
6pm-Faces of the Homeless
6pm-Hoop Dancing
7pm-Dinner! At the Citizens’ Co-op
830pm-Saturday Night Performances at The Church Of Holy Colors: Talent Show, Hoop-Dancing, Fire-spinning, The Juniper Tree Puppet Show, Tam Tam The Sandwich Man and the Magical Sugar Cookies, The Rochevanies

1pm-D.I.Y. Calendar
1pm-Organic Gardening*
2pm-Stopping Police Brutality
3pm-Give Us This Day Our Daily Cupcake: Resolving Sticky Situations with Performance Art*
3pm-Beginner Poi Workshop*
4pm-The Simple Science of Sustainability
4pm-Drop Spindle
5pm-Carpentry 101
5pm-Massage/Boundaries Workshop
6pm-DIY Mental Health: Mad Pride in a Pathological Society
7pm-Dinner at The Citizens’ Co-op

(*=kids might enjoy too. Although kids are welcome at all workshops, there will also be separate games and fun for you happening at the Kid’s Space next door.)
(If you show up in Gainesville early, Friday night is art walk!)

Performances include:
2nd annual DIYF Talent Show
Poi and Firedancing
"The Juniper Tree" shadow puppet show
with more to come.

Free, donations appreciated
Sat, 09/25/2010 - 1:00pm
Free, donations appreciated