When the Levees Broke Part 2

Published Coordinators - Fri, 05/04/2007 - 12:14am

Director Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke is the definitive document of the unmitigated disaster that was, and is, Hurricane Katrina. It's also a contemporary manifestation of an ancient tradition: an oral history, told by the people who lived it, with no narration and only the occasional use of archival cable and broadcast news footage in addition to Lee's own film. And a grim tale it is, an "American tragedy" subtitled "a Requiem in Four Acts," each of them about an hour long.
Act I sets the scene; as the hurricane nears the Crescent City, some residents leave town, while others stay behind, figuring they'll just ride the storm out-- "mandatory evacuation" order rings fairly hollow, as there's no public transportation provided for the many who don't own vehicles. The real problems begin after Katrina makes landfall on August 29, 2005. Displaced New Orleaneans crowd into the Superdome, soon to become a living hell for those stuck there; the incredibly poorly engineered levees break, flooding some 80 percent of the city; and people start dying by the hundreds. And so it goes. Act II finds the survivors struggling to keep it together while the federal, state, and local assistance they've been promised fails to show up; Act III traces the dispersal of these so-called "refugees" all over the country, not knowing where their families, friends, and neighbors are, or even if they're still alive; and Act IV deals with the slow rebuilding of the city while insurance companies refuse to pay claims and money keeps going toward the Iraq war effort instead.

The CMC will have three nights of "When the Levees Broke," so you can choose the best times for you.

Friday, June 8: Part I @ 6-8 PM
Intermission @ 8-8:30 PM
Part 2 @ 9-11 PM

Saturday, June 9: Part I @ 6-8 PM
Intermission @ 8-8:30 PM
Part 2 @ 9-11 PM

Sunday, June 10: Part I @ 6-8 PM
Intermission @ 8-8:30 PM
Part 2 @ 9-11 PM

Where: The CMC, 1021 W University Ave.
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Sat, 06/09/2007 - 7:30pm