Unprecedented: the 2000 election

Published Coordinators - Fri, 10/03/2003 - 4:49am

Film at the Hippodrome.
This highly acclaimed documentary tells the untold stories behind the contested 2000 presidential election in Florida.

Part of the Civic Media Center and Hippodrome's documentary film series.

Times: 5, 7, & 9 pm
60 min.

IMDB: Unprecedented: the 2000 election from IMDB (reviews) essential viewing

This film should be part of the required curriculum for all high school civics and college level social science courses. It should air continuously on non-cable television. It should inspire the American people to challenge the legitimacy of the current Bush administrations (in Florida as well as in Washington).

The charges are bold. The evidence is compelling. As film making goes, it's a bit uneven. Most importantly, though, the film does not get in the way of the story it tells. And what a story it is.

Mon, 10/06/2003 - 6:00pm