Stetson Kennedy Collection

Title Author Year Item Status
"Gentlemen of Property and Standing:" Anti-... Richards, Leonard L. 1970 AVAILABLE
"They Cannot Kill Us All": An Eyewitness Account... Manning, Richard 1987 AVAILABLE
10 Steps to Repair American Democracy Hill, Steven 2006 AVAILABLE
100 Ways America Is Screwing Up The World Tirman, John 2006 AVAILABLE
12 Million Black Voices Wright, Richard 1941 AVAILABLE
12-Year Reich, The: A Social History of Nazi Germany 1933-... Grunberger, Richard 1972 AVAILABLE
1848: The Revolutionary Tide in Europe Stearns, Peter 1974 AVAILABLE
20 Years of Censored News
Jensen, Carl
Project Censored
50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know Kick, Russ 2003 AVAILABLE
70 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time: History's...
Vankin, Jonathan
Whalen, John
9/11 Commission Report, The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States 2004 AVAILABLE
Abolitionism: Disrupter of the Democratic System or Agent... Weisberger, Bernard A. 1963 AVAILABLE
Abu Ghraib Investigations, The: The Official Reports of the... Strasser, Steven 2004 AVAILABLE
ACLU Handooks for Young Americans: The Rights of Racial... ACLU: MCDonald, Laughlin and Powell, John A. 1998 AVAILABLE
Across the Wide Missouri DeVoto, Bernard 1947 AVAILABLE
Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations Schlesinger, Stephen 2003 AVAILABLE
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United... Committee on Un-American Activities 1966 AVAILABLE
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United... Committee on Un-American Activities 1966 AVAILABLE
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United... Committee on Un-American Activities 1966 AVAILABLE
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United... Committee on Un-American Activities 1966 AVAILABLE
Activities of Ku Klux Klan Organizations in the United... Committee on Un-American Activities 1966 AVAILABLE
Adam By Adam Powell Jr., Adam Clayton 1971 AVAILABLE
Adams Schwarze Kinder Castiglioni, Angelo und Alfredo 1977 AVAILABLE
Affirmative Action Debate, The Curry, George E. 1996 AVAILABLE
Africa in History Davidson, Basil 1974 AVAILABLE
Africa: A Study in Tropical Development, Second Edition Stamp, L. Dudley 1964 AVAILABLE
African American Autobiography: A Collection of Critical... Andrews, William L. 1993 AVAILABLE
African American Century, The: How Black Americans Have...
Gates, Henry Louis Jr.
West, Cornel
African American Heritage: Female Leaders [N/A] Not Applicable 1993 AVAILABLE
African American Wisdom [N/A] Not Applicable 2000 DUE 03/13/2015 - 9:00pm
African Americans and the Living Constitution [N/A] Not Applicable 1995 AVAILABLE
African Dream, The: visions of love and sorrow : the art of... Levinson, Orde 1992 AVAILABLE
African Kingdoms Davidson, Basil 1971 AVAILABLE
African kingdoms of the past - East Africa Mann, Kenny 1997 AVAILABLE
African Past , The: Chronicles From Antiquity To Modern... [N/A] Not Applicable 1964 AVAILABLE
African revolution, the Cameron, James 1961 AVAILABLE
African Societies Mair, Lucy 1974 AVAILABLE
African traditional religions in contemporary society [N/A] Not Applicable 1991 AVAILABLE
African Vodun: Art, Psychology, and Power Blier, Suzanne Preston 2003 AVAILABLE
African-American Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Gospel and Zydeco... Vernon, Paul 1999 AVAILABLE
Africans and Seminoles; From removal to emancipation Littlefield, Daniel F. 1977 AVAILABLE
Afro-American Novel and Its Tradition Bell, Bernard 1987 AVAILABLE
After the Despots: Latin American Views and Interviews Graham-Yooll, Andrew 1991 AVAILABLE
After the fact: the art of historical detection
Davidson, James West
Lytle, Mark Hamilton
After the nightmare: inside China today
Heng, Liang
Shapiro, Judith
Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich Farago, Ladislas 1974 AVAILABLE
Against slavery: An Abolitionist Reader [N/A] Not Applicable 2000 AVAILABLE
Against the Grain
Morris, Eugene
Fiffer, Steve
Against the Grain Yeltsin, Boris 1990 AVAILABLE
Age of Aquarius: Technology and the Cultural Revolution Braden, William 1971 AVAILABLE
Age of Reform, The Hofstadter, Richard 1955 AVAILABLE
Age of Uncertainty, The: A History of Economic Ideas and... Galbraith, John Kenneth 1977 AVAILABLE
Agency, The: The Rise and Decline of the CIA Ranelagh, John 1987 AVAILABLE
Agents of Influence: How Japan Manipulates America's... Choate, Pat 1990 AVAILABLE
Agnes Smedley: The Life and Times of an American Radical
MacKinnon, Janice R.
MacKinnon, Stephen R.
Agony of the American Left, The Lasch, Christopher 1968 AVAILABLE
Agrarian Socialism: The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation... Lipset, Seymour Martin 1968 AVAILABLE
Aguirre : The Re-creation of a Sixteenth-Century Journey... Minta, Stephen 1994 AVAILABLE
Ah, But Your Land is Beautiful Paton, Alan 1981 AVAILABLE
Ahead of Her Time : Abby Kelley and the Politics of Anti-... Sterling, Dorothy 1991 AVAILABLE
Ahmad's War, Ahmad's Peace Goldfarb, Michael 2005 AVAILABLE
Ake: The Years of Childhood Soyinka, Wole 1981 AVAILABLE
Alex Haley: The Playboy Interviews Haley, Alex 1993 AVAILABLE
Algeny: A new word- a new world
Rifkin, Jeremy
Perlas, Nicanor
All American Women: Lines that Divide, Ties that Bind [N/A] Not Applicable 1986 AVAILABLE
All connected now : life in the first global civilization Anderson, Walter Truett 2001 AVAILABLE
All God's Dangers: The Life of Nate Shaw Rosengarten, Theodore 1975 AVAILABLE
All Our Relations: Native Struggles for Land and Life LaDuke, Winona 1999 AVAILABLE
All's Fair: Love, War, and Running for President
Matalin, Mary
Carville, James
All-American Skin Game, or The Decoy of Race, The: The Long... Crouch, Stanley 1997 AVAILABLE
Allow the Water: Anger, Fear, Power, Work, Sexuality,... Desroches, Leonard 1996 AVAILABLE
Almanac of Liberty, An Douglas, William O. 1954 AVAILABLE
Almost a revolution: the story of a Chinese student's... Shen Tong 1990 AVAILABLE
America In Black and White: One Nation Indivisible, Race In...
Thernstrom, Stephan
Thernstrom, Abigail
America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam... Herring, George C. 1986 AVAILABLE
America's new war on poverty : a reader for action [N/A] Not Applicable 1995 AVAILABLE
America's political dilemma Dietze, Gottfried 1968 AVAILABLE
America's Secret Aristocracy Birmingham, Stephen 1987 AVAILABLE
America's Strategic Choices [N/A] Not Applicable 1997 AVAILABLE
America's Way Out: A Program For Democracy Thomas, Norman 1931 AVAILABLE
America's Working Women: A Documentary History 1600 to... [N/A] Not Applicable 1995 AVAILABLE
America, Inc.
Mintz, Morton
Cohen, Jerry S.
America, Inc.: Who Owns and Operates the United States
Mintz, Morton
Cohen, Jerry S.
American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the...
Massey, Douglas S.
Denton, Nancy A.
American Axis. The: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the... Wallace, Max 2003 AVAILABLE
American Company, An: The Tragedy of United Fruit McCann, Thomas 1976 AVAILABLE
American Counterpoint: Slavery and Racism Woodward, C. Vann 1971 AVAILABLE
American Death, An: The True Story of the Assassination of... Frank, Gerold 1972 AVAILABLE
American Dynasty: Aristocracy, Fortune, and the Politics of... Phillips, Kevin 2004 AVAILABLE
American Fever: The Story of American Immigration Greenleaf, Barbara Kaye 1970 AVAILABLE
American Gunboat Diplomacy: and the Old Navy 1877-1889 Hagan, Kenneth J. 1973 AVAILABLE
American Heritage History of The Indian Wars, The
Utley, Robert M.
Washburn, Wilcomb E.
American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World Stannard, David E. 1992 AVAILABLE
American Hunger Wright, Richard 1979 AVAILABLE
American Imperialism in 1898: Problems in American... [N/A] Not Applicable 1955 AVAILABLE
American Indian Almanac Terrell, John Upton 1994 AVAILABLE
American Indian myths and legends [N/A] Not Applicable 1984 AVAILABLE
American Indians and the Urban Experience [N/A] Not Applicable 2001 AVAILABLE
American Indians, American Justice
Deloria Jr., Vine
Lytle, Clifford M.
American Indians, Time and the Law: Native Societies in a... Wilkinson, Charles F 1987 AVAILABLE