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Queer Movie Night + Vegan Potluck film, film discussion, Florida, Gainesville, love is love, queer, queer movie, queer movie night, queerville, Special Event Event
Queer Movie Night and Vegan Potluck: Tangerine ayy, ayyy, film, fun, Gainesville, gville, movie, night, nights, potluck, queer, queer film, queer movie, veg, veg head, vegan, Regular Event Event
Vegan Potluck & Queer Movie Night: RENT awesome, community, Community Event, cute, films, food, food share, free, Gainesville, gainesville things to do, gay, gville, gville night life, gville scene, Love, musical, noms, open, open minded, poly, potluck, potlucks, queer, queer movie, queer movie night, trans, vegan, vegan food, yummy Event
Queer Movie Night: Paris is Burning Community Event, Florida, gaiensville, gainesville happy hour, genderqueer, gville, gville happy hour, happy, happy hour, movie night, movie screenings, night, night life, paris is burning, queer, queer fun, queer night, vogue, yaaaas, yassss, yes Event
Monday Movie: The Gentleman Bank Robber activist, bank robber, Community Event, gentleman bank robber, LGBTQ, liberation, queer, revolutionary, rita bo brown Event
Live Poetry: Queer Heartache Summer Tour Featuring Kit Yan and Jess X Chen Asian American, poetry, queer, Special Event Event
Live Music: THE PAISLEY FIELDS / TELOMERES / THE MOURNING GLORIES country, folk music, LGBTQ, queer, Music Show Event
GUTS and Tina and Her Pony appalachian folk, folk music, queer, Music Show Event
RESCHULED FOR 10/17! Queer Assimilation: Breaking Away from the Gay "norm" assimilation, Community Event, LGBTQ, marriage equality, queer Event
Queer Stories: Navigating Intersectional Oppression Community Event, equality, intersectionality, LGBTQ, queer Event
Queer Dance Party & Fundraiser for Shoog McDaniel! Community Event, dance party, DJ Shoogacane, fundraiser, LGBTQ, Photography, queer Event
Queerotic Dance Night dance, queer, Regular Event Event
CANCELLED: Living History: Intersections of Queerness, Race, and Ethnicity ethnicity, LGBTQ, queer, queer history, Race, Special Event Event
Queer Reading Group LGBTQ, queer, reading group, Regular Event Event
"Young, Jewish and Left," Film Screening & Panel Discussion w/ Amirah Mizrahi of Jewish Voice for Peace anti-racist, Jewish Arab history, Jewish culture, queer, Special Event Event
Free University: "Critical History: Queer Florida History" w/ Jess Clawson Florida History, LGBTQ, queer, Regular Event Event
Bash Back! Benefit w/ The Rochevanies, Hallow Fractal Nerve Endings, Samantha Jones, Andrew Shane, Charity, Lafayette bash, benefit, liberation, Music, queer, radical, Music Show Event
Human Rights Campaign Presents: ASK NOT ASK NOT, don't ask don't tell, gays, homosexuals, human rights campaign, lesbians, queer, Special Event Event
Live Music and Performance w/ Evan Greer and Gepetta, Chelsea Carnes, and G.L.O. acoustic music, folk, folk-punk, performance art, puppetry, puppets, queer, Special Event Event
QAC and Stand Up Florida Teach-In: Progressive Politics vs. Religious Bigotry activist, Dove World Outreach Center, protest, queer, teach-in, Special Event Event
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