Name or Title Terms Type Item Status
Monday Movie: The Gentleman Bank Robber activist, bank robber, Community Event, gentleman bank robber, LGBTQ, liberation, queer, revolutionary, rita bo brown Event
Gainesville Pink Pistols Community Event, LGBT, LGBTQ, lgbtq rights Event
Black and Pink Letter Writing + Potluck Community Event, letterwriting, LGBTQ, prison abolition, prison support Event
Black & Pink Letter Writing Session + Potluck black and pink, Community Event, LGBTQ, prison abolition, prisoner support Event
Black & Pink Letter Writing Session + Potluck black and pink, LGBTQ, prison abolition, Prisoners, Regular Event Event
Live Music: THE PAISLEY FIELDS / TELOMERES / THE MOURNING GLORIES country, folk music, LGBTQ, queer, Music Show Event
"Pinkwashing Exposed: Seattle Fights Back!" apartheid, israeli apartheid, Israeli-Palestine Conflict, LGBTQ, pinkwashing, Regular Event Event
"How to Survive a Plague" ACT UP, AIDS, LGBTQ, lgbtq rights, LGBTQI, Treatment Action Group, Regular Event Event
Celebrating the Labour and Lives of Trans* Women LGBTQ, trans women, transgender, Special Event Event
RESCHULED FOR 10/17! Queer Assimilation: Breaking Away from the Gay "norm" assimilation, Community Event, LGBTQ, marriage equality, queer Event
Queer Stories: Navigating Intersectional Oppression Community Event, equality, intersectionality, LGBTQ, queer Event
Queer Dance Party & Fundraiser for Shoog McDaniel! Community Event, dance party, DJ Shoogacane, fundraiser, LGBTQ, Photography, queer Event
"Paris is Burning" Ball culture, Culture, LGBTQ, New York City, QPOC, trans, Regular Event Event
Queerotic Dance Nite! dance, LGBTQ, Valentine's Day, Special Event Event
Feminist Open Mic and Living History present: "Turning Points" LGBTQ, open mic night, poetry, Special Event Event
Stonewall Democrats present: "Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton's Cafeteria"' LGBTQ, lgbtq rights, queer history, queer liberation, Regular Event Event
Queerfeminist Tea Feminism, LGBTQ, tea, Special Event Event
Queerotic Dance Night (Last Dance Night Till Fall) dancing, LGBTQ, Regular Event Event
Queer Prom dance, LGBTQ, Special Event Event
CANCELLED: Living History: Intersections of Queerness, Race, and Ethnicity ethnicity, LGBTQ, queer, queer history, Race, Special Event Event
Rev. Donna Tara Lee speaking on "The Effects of Changing Demographics on the LGBTQ Community” LGBTQ, trans rights, trans history, Special Event Event
Stonewall Democrats Present: "Outrage" gay activism, LGBTQ, Regular Event Event
Queer Reading Group LGBTQ, queer, reading group, Regular Event Event
Free University: "Critical History: Queer Florida History" w/ Jess Clawson Florida History, LGBTQ, queer, Regular Event Event
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