Special Event

Name or Title Terms Type Item Status
Santa Fe College Queer-straight Alliance Presents: "Small Town Gay Bar" Documentary Film Screening Deep South, gay bar, hate crime, murder, queer community, Southern gay culture, Special Event Event
Report-back: Revolution is in the Air: Socialism 2011 Special Event Event
WGOT Benefit Concert / Comedy Showcase Special Event Event
Citizens Food Co-op Grand Opening Benefit Music Show Citizens Co-op, Citizens Food Co-op, food co-op, Special Event Event
"Leaving La Floresta" Doc Screening & Talk on Displaced Persons & the Drug War in Colombia Colombia, Colombian campesinos, displaced persons, Documentary film, fumigation of coca, internally displaced people, intervention, U.S. drug war, U.S. foreign policy, War on Drugs, Special Event Event
Activism and Wellness, a talk by Dr. David L. Reznik Special Event Event
Food Not Bombs Presents: The Change We Knead Now! Tour, Featuring Keith McHenry food not bombs, Human Rights, Keith McHenry, movement-building, nonviolent direct action, poor people, Working Class, Special Event Event
Live Webcast: Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek in Discussion, w/ Moderator Amy Goodman Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!, Julian Assange, live webcast, Slavoj Zizek, Special Event Event
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Organizer Training Industrial Workers of the World, IWW, labor organizing, labor solidarity, militant unionism, organizer training, syndicalism, Workers Rights, Special Event Event
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Organizer Training IWW, Labor, Union, Special Event Event
MoveOn Gainesville Presents: "Broadcast Blues" broadcast media, corporate media, Corporations, democracy, mainstream media, Special Event Event
MoveOn Gainesville Solidarity BBQ barbecue, BBQ, Labor, progressive, solidarity, unions, workers, Special Event Event
American Indian Movement Co-founder Dennis Banks Speaks on "The Longest Walk III: Reversing Diabetes" AIM, American Indian Movement, Dennis Banks, indigenous, Longest Walk III, native american, Special Event Event
WGOT Benefit Show @ Durty Nelly's, Featuring: The Root Doctors, Half Crocked, Todd Rockhill and Rob Coe 94.7, community radio, low power FM radio, LPFM, WGOT, Special Event Event
"Live Nude Girls Unite!" Labor Film Special Event Event
Public Forum for Social Science Research Presents: Ghosts in the Closet: closet, hegemonic public discourse, Homosexuality, Jamaica, LGBT, Special Event Event
"Beyond Bin Laden" Screening and DIscussion with Gainesville ISO Special Event Event
The Longest Walk III: Reversing Diabetes Talk & Discussion, Music w/ Amos Neo AIM, American Indian Movement, campaign, diabetes, Longest Walk, run, walk, Special Event Event
Weekly Poetry Jam w/ Special Guests Ron Whitehead, Tyrone Cotton, and Frank Messina blues and folk, poet, poetry reading, spoken word artist, Special Event Event
Sierra Club Presents: "Gasland" fracking, Gasland, hydraulic fracturing, Sierra Club, Special Event Event
BDS Gainesville Presents Free Film Fest for a Free Palestine: Short Films for Gaza film festival, Gaza, Palestine, short films, Special Event Event
"Islamophobia as Cultural Ideology" Talk & Discussion w/ Dr. Stephen Sheehi Arabo-Islamic world, Islam, islamophobia, Muslim-baiting, Muslims, Stephen Sheehi, Special Event Event
Labor Notes Potluck Dinner & Talk w/ Jenny Brown labor notes, Labor Unions, union media, Special Event Event
Gainesville Women's Liberation Benefit Concert Featuring Dirty Fist! and Hymn for Her acoustic music, benefit concert, Gainesville Women's Liberation, live music, local music, music show, Special Event Event
Food Not Bombs Presents: The Change We Knead Now! Tour, Featuring Keith McHenry direct action, food not bombs, free food distribution, peace, vegan food, Special Event Event
Anarchademics Presents: Dinner & a Movie w/ "V for Vendetta" dystopian, totalitarian government, Special Event Event
Gainesville May Day Celebration: International Workers Day International Labor Day, International Workers Day, International Working People's Day, May 1st, May Day, Special Event Event
Acoustic Music w/ Leo Linares and Kara Smith acoustic music, original music, singer/songwriter, Special Event Event
Beehive Design Collective Presents: "The True Cost of Coal," Storytelling & Art Beehive Design Collective, Special Event Event
Gainesville Tumblr Meetup micro-blogging, tumblr, Special Event Event
Palestinian Film Festival Presents: "Rana's Wedding" Israel-Palestine conflict, Palestinian, Special Event Event
Kickstand Bike Repair Workshop bicycle maintenance, bicycles, bike mechanics, Special Event Event
CD and Book Sale to benefit CMC Special Event Event
Roots and Shoots Open Mic Night Fundraiser art show, bake sale, high school, open mic night, Roots and Shoots, talent, Special Event Event
Civil Indigent Special Event Event
"Young, Jewish and Left," Film Screening & Panel Discussion w/ Amirah Mizrahi of Jewish Voice for Peace anti-racist, Jewish Arab history, Jewish culture, queer, Special Event Event
AdShades: MFA Art Installation Advertising, Art, fine art, installation, urban environments, Special Event Event
The Return of Revolution Egypt, Libya, Socialism, wisonsin, Special Event Event
Citizens Food Co-op and FL Organic Growers Present: "What's Organic About Organic" agriculture, ecological consciousness, environmental issues, Organic Food, Special Event Event
Gainesville Women's Liberation Speakout for Abortion Rights Abortion Rights, reproductive freedom, speak out, Women's Liberation, Special Event Event
"Inside Job"--Oscar-winning documentary on the root causes of the financial collapse of 2008 Corruption, financial crisis, global financial meltdown, recession, Special Event Event
GCADP Presents: "CONFRONTATION," Film Screening & Discussion w/ Special Guest Kathy Dillon murder, perpetrators, restorative justice, victims, Special Event Event
Mexico Solidarity Network Presents: "Ciudad Juarez: the Other Side of Globalization" Ciudad Juarez, maquiladora, Mexico, Special Event Event
Citizens Co-op Presents "Dirt! The Movie" agriculture, compost, dirt, Environment, Farming, soil, Special Event Event
Cointelpro 101 claude marks, Cointelpro, freedom archive, harold taylor, laura whitehorn, ward chruchill, Special Event Event
Into the Fire Special Event Event
"END:CIV" Documentary Film Screening and Q & A w/ Director Franklin Lopez civilizational collapse, Derek Jensen, Documentary film, environmental destruction, Special Event Event
South of the Border Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Latin America, Lula, South America, Special Event Event
SpringBoard 2011 w/ Special Guest Coleen Rowley Speaking on "How Top Secret America Misfires" 9/11, Coleen Rowley, FBI, fundraiser, SpringBoard, Special Event Event
Global Society Presents: "Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai" environmental activist, Kenya, peace, Wangari Maathai, Special Event Event
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